Our History

In 1993 he began his career in the commercial DRAG-SUR, SL, based on the experience of two of its partners in the sand mining in San Fernando (Cádiz) for over 25 years.

In the same year of creation of the company acquired the ship "Josefa PEREZ", a hopper for loading and dumping of materials, both stone and sand, concrete blocks, etc.., And since then we have done and continue to make work along the coastline Spanish for leading companies nationwide construction sector.
In time, in 1996, and with the aim of further improving our service in order to offer our customers a wider range in the performance of site work, is mounted dredge pump, which allows us to while the hopper dredging and filling of hopper for subsequent disposal of the material in the right place, or dredge material and throw the pipe at a distance of 800 meters. The versatility of the two sets of discharge of material, either by opening the hopper or expulsion by pipeline, allows the ship to pass from Josefa PEREZ pouring dredging and vice versa in just over two hours, so that needs execution of the work carried out one or another task.

In 2001 SALVADOR HIGUERA CORTA society, SL, a company known for making many statewide port works, acquires 50% stake of DRAG-SUR, SL, and appoints the head of it as Director D . Salvador Higuera Corta.

In 2007, the ALASKA We first, second suction dredger which has our company. So over the years we have not only maintained in this important sector and also very competitive, but we have grown both in volume of work and in experience.

In conclusion we can say without fear of contradiction that the company that we have outlined in these lines is well established and enjoys enough prestige among our customers, which makes for the future have the attitude necessary to further address the challenges that come your way our way .